Unlocking the Power of Biology

The Feles Box -- containing six commonly used lab tools controlled using an attractive and engaging controlling app -- is the ultimate solution.

Older people sit down and ask, 'What is it?' but the boy asks, 'What can I do with it?'.
— Steve Jobs


Focusing On What Matters Most

An engaging and user-friendly interface

Feles Box use a universal language that is designed for biology to formalize, document and share your protocols. This enables you to turn your protocol into a portable formalization that enables reproducibility and removes ambiguities.

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Powerful Platform Technology

Our platform integrates and modernizes hardware and software to bring real laboratory capabilities to homes and classrooms. The result is a network of curious innovators and a global distributed biolab network that will make discoveries far beyond the capacity of traditional laboratories.


We work directly with OEMs to combine engineering breakthroughs from different fields to revolutionize and personalize laboratory equipment.

Primer Libraries

Our experts create and test our primer sets using automation to generate application kits reliable not for home use, but also meet professional standards.

Distributed Network

Our network represent the largest web of professionals and hobbyists for both discovery and innovation.

Application Kits

Professional quality kits designed and packaged for ease of use and reproducibility.