Feles One

Your personal gateway to the biotech revolution

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Desktop Biolab

The Feles One is a portable, user friendly kit of lab-grade scientific equipment, housed in a single device smaller than your college dorm’s mini fridge

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Brew something new

There are many inventive ways to use the Feles One. For example, experiment with new molecular gastronomy and mixology on your own your kitchen counter-top.   

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Unlock DNA secrets

Convert a normal classroom into a bio lab! Student can go beyond memorizing the basics of DNA to actually visualizing it on a gel and doing their own DNA engineering. 

The Feles One has all of the essential tools for biological research on microorganisms, plants, and more.

We’re in the middle of a global biotech revolution that is only accessible to a very small slice of the public. Hardware for doing biology are stuck in the same state as computer mainframes of the ‘60s, and software and documentation are generally scattered. Imagine the difference we can make if everyone had access to safely experiment and innovate with a modern and intuitive integrated laboratory.

Reliable Hardware

Unlocking the Power of Biology

The Feles One, containing six commonly used lab tools controlled using an attractive and engaging controlling app, is the ultimate solution.


Intuitive Software

Focusing On What Matters Most

Feles One uses a universal language that is designed for biology to formalize, document and share your protocols. This enables you to turn your protocol into a portable formalization that enables reproducibility and removes ambiguities

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Behind the scenes

We believe that the ability to explore biology belongs to everyone, and that together, we can make breakthroughs that will shape the world of tomorrow. We are redesigning the laboratory tools, the software controls, as well as the learning experience all at once to deliver a modern, integrated experience. From the very beginning, we knew it was going to be a crazy journey. However, by combining our team's diverse expertise, countless sleepless nights, and lots of advice from family and friends, we created the Feles One. Together, let's bring affordable biotechnology to the world.