Feles Box: 6 lab tools in one box

  • Thermocycler

    Temperature accuracy +/- .5℃

    Temperature uniformity +/- .3℃

    Temperature ramp rate: 1℃/s

    Temperature range: up to 105℃

    Heated lid: 105℃

  • Incubators

    Features a rounded incubator for 10cm petri dishes and one rectangular tub for beads or water bath


    Max temp 55℃


    Easy to clean metal interior

  • Fridge

    Temperature: 4℃


    Internal Size: 8.25 x 4.33 x 4.5”


    Can hold two 0.2mL tube racks & one 1.5mL tube rack at the same time

  • Gel Dock

    60W power draw limit


    Blue-LED array mounted on bottom for instant visualization


    Lid doubles as amber filter


    You can watch your bands appear as they run on the gel!

  • Spectrometer

    18 channel sensor capable of detecting these wavelengths: 410nm, 335nm, 460nm, 485nm, 510nm, 535nm, 560nm, 585nm, 610nm, 645nm, 680nm, 705nm, 730nm, 760nm, 810nm, 860nm, 900nm, 940nm

  • Centrifuge

    ~2,000xg max speed


    Rotor radius: 10cm, handles 8x 1.5-2mL tubes


    Metal resistant outer container to catch liquids and shrapnel


    Vibration dampening and support for the motor and lid sensor to ensure security

More Specs




Dimensions: 24” x 16” x 11”


Weight: 48lbs




AC Input: 90V - 264V


Frequency: 47-63Hz


6’ 16 AWG heavy duty power cord with 3 prong U.S. plug

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