Feles One

Feles One


Pre-orders of the Feles One are currently only being accepted in the US and Canada. Quantities are limited. The first round of orders are expected to ship in March of 2020.


The Feles One is a lab-in-box toolkit designed to enable the general public to explore the biology all around them using routine procedures done in professional labs around the world.  To achieve this, we have integrated six key lab tools as independent modules that can all be controlled through a modern touch interface with pre-programed defaults.  


The Feles One features a modern, minimalist design so that you look great while showing off your bio-chops to your friends, instead of doing experiments by yourself in the garage or basement.  Equipped with Feles One, you can start learning molecular biology by hands on experiments, do multiple basic home testing like identifying if your vegetable is GMO, create creative use cases like painting with natural pigments, etc.  

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